Marathon Specials!

* 75 Gallon $2,895

* 85 Gallon $2,980


- 1 Year Warranty Labor

-Tank Lifetime warranty

-Parts (6 years)

Natural Gas

*40 Gallon $1,175

*50 Gallon $1,195

​*75 Gallon $2,695

(warranty: 6 years)

NOTE: We can get you any other brand but price will change! (A.O Smith, GE, American Water Heaters, Rinnai, and Navien)

Electric Regular

* 40 Gallon $975

* 50 Gallon $995

(Warranty: 6 years)


NOTE: Water heaters location inside homes (hallway or closets), basements, or second floor price will change.

​Areas we service: Mesa, Tempe, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, Gilbert, Chandler, Litchfield, Awatukee, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, Surprise, Tolleson, Sun City, Goodyear, San Tan Valley and Queen Creek.​

Consider the size of your home:

When picking your water heater for installation you need to take into account the size of your family and the amount of hot water you will need. Water heaters are sold by size in gallons. Your family may run the dishwasher, take showers and do laundry meaning you would use 100+ gallons of hot water. That does not mean that you need a 100 gallon water heater installed.

These are referred to as “Storage Tank” water heaters. They are designed to heat a large amount of water and store the hot water until you need to have it delivered to your shower or appliances. These can generate heat for your water through electricity or gas.

There are other options to be more energy efficient such as the “Tankless On-Demand” water heater. These do not store water and instead heat the water as it is needed. This cuts down on power consumption as there’s no energy being used to maintain the tank’s hot water temperature. These water heaters are a little more expensive and can be discussed if you’d like to know more please call.


* New water heater 6 year warranty from manufacture.

* (1) 3/4 Ball valve

* (2) 3/4 Water flex lines

* Recycle old water heater

* 1 Year labor warranty Installation

* Clean work area & make sure water heater is working properly.
NOTE: Water heater location needs to be inside car garage easy access.


Here are the recommendations for your water heater size:

Natural Gas Water Heater:
2 Person household regularly uses 30-40 a gallon water heater
3-4 Person household regularly uses a 50 a gallon water heater
5+ Person household regularly uses 75 a gallon water heater

Electric Water Heater:
1-2 Person household regularly uses 30-40 a gallon water heater
3-4 Person household regularly uses a 50 a gallon water heater
4+ Person household regularly uses 50-80 a gallon water heater here.

Newtech Plumbing water heater home page


Electric Platinum 

*40 Gallon $1,1695

*50 Gallon $1,795

​(Warranty: 12 years)